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Wielding The Broom, As It Were

Oct 4, 2014 | Dr C K Narayan | Interesting Read, Long Term Impact | 1 Comment

Wielding The Broom, As It Were
Or, time to clean up our own acts.                Oct 4, 2014
So many things about this year is different. For us in the markets, that the index is up beyond 8000 is itself something entirely new. And welcome. For investors, the upward movement in stock prices is new and welcome. For old investors, this is new too as they had been used to almost five years of continuously declining prices. For mutual funds it is new, as they were used to continuous redemptions but now they are seeing an influx. For citizens it is new because there is, suddenly, hope in the air with the new PM. For non-resident Indians, it is new as for the first time in many years, one is actually proud to feel Indian!

There are other new things happening as well. For the first time, for many- the first time ever, we are listening to the speech of a Prime Minister. For the first time, the news is becoming something more interesting than the soap serials. For the first time, people turned out for a politician in foreign shores. For the first time, someone spoke about toilets from the high ramparts of the Red Fort as well as central podium of Madison Square Garden. And nobody squirmed. The PM spoke about small goals and small steps instead of lofty statements and esoteric objectives. And everybody applauded. Everything is changing.

Inspired by the sincerity of the PM’s statements, we find ourselves changing too. For sure, the habits ingrained in us over decades of me, mine and myself are hard to let go in the country like ours where so many things are limited or hard to come by. But that is what inspiration does. When the time comes the man shall appear, is a quote from the good books. It does look like India’s time is nigh and the man has indeed appeared in the form of our PM.

I am an unabashed admirer of Modi and with every speech of his that I hear I find myself getting more and more inspired. Today, 2nd October, he has launched the Swachhata campaign. I felt inspired to do something about it. At a meeting of our building Society, I called for a simple effort from members- that they shall all take up responsibility to keep our own Society area clean. Modi stated in his speech in the US that we can begin with doing small things that go a long way. We are all so hell bent on keeping our house clean. But so careless when it comes to what is outside the house. Lets begin with a small effort to an area just outside of our own house or building etc. We can then expand that effort into something larger. Journey of a thousand miles, said some great man, begins with the first step. I am happy to take that first step, in the name of our modern Gandhi.
One of the people in the US visit compared Modi to great influential leaders like JF Kennedy, Reagan, Thatcher etc. Brings to mind what JFK had said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Instead, ask what you can do for the country”. It is time we as citizens come forward with that kind of thinking to help the efforts of one man whose sincerity of purpose cannot be doubted. It is our responsibility to help him achieve what he wants to in whatever way possible.

Let us begin with small steps from within and near our homes and work towards making our environments a better place to live in. Soon that can become an unstoppable movement towards cleaner living.


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