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Trading Journal

India’s First Trading Journal

Co-Created by  Dr. C. K. Narayan, the author of “Futures-Options for the Investor”  and  a preferred expert on the markets on several television channels such as CNBC and ET Now and also had his own bi weekly talk show, Talking Technicals, on ET Now.

They say Luck Favours the Prepared Mind. Which is why we have created this journal specifically for Traders to be able to write down their thoughts and their trades in a systematic way, imperative for greater success and more profits in the market.

Using his 35 years as a part of capital markets and a practitioner of the art for three decades having by now trained tens of thousands of people in the field of capital market and derivatives this journal has been formulated with the Trader in Mind to help others become the best trader or investor that they can be.

The Journal has the following features :Trading Journal

  • Separate Page for Each Trading Day.
  • Daily Inspiration – a quote to motivate you.
  • Weekly Overview, Monthly Overview to help you analyse your trading better.
  • Weekly Goals, Monthly Goals to help you become a batter and more successful trader.
  • In addition to the useful design, you’ll also discover these other wonderful features:
  • Make in India – for the First time in India to plan your trading.
  • Over 300 pages. This means you’ll always have space for your next great idea.
  • Date-free pages. Start using the Journal any day of the year without wasting pages.
  • High quality paper.
  • 6.5″ x 9.5″ size. A perfect size for at-your-desk or in a meeting.

Buy your copy now for a price of 2000 only/-

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