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One from the heart

Aug 15, 2014 | Dr C K Narayan | Interesting Read | 9 Comments


One from the heart
Or, a lesson on how to touch and inspire people in one hour

Brimming with confidence, dispensing with traditions, supercharged with sincerity and coming straight from the very core of his being, the Independence day speech by our new PM was nothing short of extraordinary! In more ways than one! The content, the delivery, the genuineness of the thoughts and emotions expressed and the exhortations to the countrymen was certainly something that we have not seen for many a year now. But it was for the first time that I felt like, no, make that wanted to,  hear what the PM of our country had to say. The last time when I can remember something like this is almost 50 years ago when my father switched on a radio to listen to Jawaharlal Nehru speak at the Red Fort. Across so many decades neither any of my friends or me has ever bothered to listen nor even read about what the PM said. Such was the apathy that had grown that ruled our lives.

But the change in this year is nothing short of remarkable. This is the kind of speech that one should be delivering at such momentous occasions. A ra-ra speech, straight from the heart, delivered with punch and panache, pulling back from nothing and unafraid to cow down to conventions! What a performance! It was indeed an inspiration, making me want to do something- I don’t even know what- but still it makes me want to do something that is not all about “me”. I trust others who watched the speech felt similarly and somehow we will all hold on to that inspiration long enough to really go out there and do something for the good of society, the state and the country. We have to overcome our own inertia and laziness to keep that spark of inspiration (for, in the midst of all our affairs, it can, but sadly, remain just a spark) alive. Only then we shall find the internal urge to take some action on it.

And for those who thought or felt- or just plain didn’t bother- that it was just another day, just another ho-hum idle and empty talk by one of our politicians (albeit the main one), my suggestion is that you go to Youtube and look up the video posted there.Click here   PM Speech (long live Youtube!) and listen fully and with attention to the hour-long address of the PM. Iam sure you will come away touched, moved and inspired by this straight from the heart talk by our Pradhan Sevak (as he chose to call himself).

Jai Hind.


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