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Muthalik and Owaisi Form Government In Bangalore

Apr 21, 2014 | Dr C K Narayan | Fundamental Twist | No Comments

Or, why Bangaloreans deserve a kick to their behinds.

The 2014 election is one that managed to excite the populace quite a bit and this is the first time since 1977 that I remember getting excited about the hustings. I haven’t gone out to listen to speeches by party leaders like I did back in 1977 (sat in the street for four hours once to listen to Vajpayee for 30 minutes!) or throng the gullies late, late in the night on the day of the poll results and watch people dance on top of cars on announcements of decimation of Congress stalwarts. But most certainly we have been following the goings on with much greater awareness and keenness than in the past many elections.

Thus it was quite a shock to see the low, low turnout in Bangalore for the polls. Clearly, elite Bangaloreans prefer to repair to the hills of Coorg than come out vote even in the cool climate of the city! What apathy. We were all under the impression that some smart and intelligent people live in the city. But opting for a three-day comfort and in the bargain get a five-year pain? What sort of a crummy deal is that for smart people? What sort of higher education allows you do some such thing? What sort of program code says that is OK?

T. N. Seshan, former Election Commissioner, famously said, “bad people are “elected because good people don’t come to vote”. Nowhere is this going to prove truer than in Bangalore. When I read that (largely) rural Rajasthan voted 69% and compare this to the 50% turnout in Bangalore, I can well understand the anguish of Capt Gopinath- ex Deccan Aviation and now AAP member, who said, “”The worst politician, even scam-tainted ones, are better than indifferent voters. Voters in Bangalore should hang their head in shame.”

If Bangalore gets a government full of Owaisis and Pramod Muthaliks – which they will if they persist with this kind of behaviour- then they deserve it. If you don’t do your duty, as the Puranas state, you will never have your right. Unfortunately, most people are all about demanding their rights all the time but seldom think about performing their duty. On 17th April 2014, Bangalore failed to do its duty.


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