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Jul 30, 2013 | Dr C K Narayan | Interesting Read | 1 Comment

I have been a market player for most of my adult life. I like the way things are done here. Everything that I do I can and should hold myself responsible for the outcome. I decide whether to buy or sell, I decide what price to buy or sell, I decide how long I should be in the trade, I decide whether I will set a stop or not, I decide whether I will execute that stoploss or not, I decide whether to get out gradually or do it all at one go. In other words, my success or failure is almost completely dependent on my actions. I may take advice from someone but finally the decision is all mine. If I am blaming someone else, then it is only to hide my shortcomings.

This is how I have got used to working and I find that it has improved my life a great deal because this behavior has spilled over into other areas and taking responsibility of my own actions has been beneficial. Imagine my surprise when I ran into our country’s legal system. Unfortunate enough to get embroiled in a case and it has been the most incredible situation. There is absolutely nothing that I can do to make my own situation better! I find this impossible to accept but am forced to state that it is indeed true. Lawyers are (mostly) incompetent or rapacious and take on so many cases that they have no time to spare on your matter except about a few minutes before it comes up before the judge. How can there be any strategy, any planning, any cogent arguing if only a few minutes of preparation goesinto it? They are more interested in pushing the matter ahead than in finding a solution. Judges seem to be no better either. I saw quite a few of them in action and have been completely amazed at the lack of knowledge, application or even just plain interest in seeing that justice is done! The other intermediaries involved are only interested in parting you from some money. In and thru all this, you just stand around watching helplessly!

I love watching American law serials. I still do. It seems like lawyers really care. Judges know what they are talking about or doing. People seem to have integrity. The system is not designed to pound a plaintiff into submission by sheer apathy. But I don’t see a single evidence of all that in our courts. What a pity. Then I look at the lawyers and counsels around and I find them charging more money per minute than all other professional combined! Can it get more ridiculous than this? I doubt it.

I am happy to remain in the investing and trading business for ever. Whatever money I make is because of my strength and what I lose is because of my weakness. At least my losses wont because of a worthless system manned by worthless people who are the least bit interested in anything other than their own profits or swallowed up by their own incompetence and apathy.

The next time you think about calling your broker or your stock advisor names, think about the experiences you have had with other professionals and how much they control your welfare (or lack thereof!).


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